Sustainability issues are very big and global, but the reality is that it is about you and I making changes to our lives - the way we behave, think and act towards the environment
Jayne Manley, Earth Trust CEO

Welcome to Earth Trust

At Earth Trust we believe that the best way to look after the places we love is to change the way we live.

We provide special, life changing experiences and reconnect people to the natural world. The Earth Trust is all about people and the way we feel, think and act towards the environment.

Bats at Wallingford Castle Meadows

Join us at dusk on Sunday 8th May to learn more about local bats.

Farmland Birds Appeal

Support Earth Trust as we work to save Oxfordshire's farmland birds.

Sensory Walk

Immerse yourself in a hands-on nature sensory experience (for adults) on Sunday 15th May.

Volunteer with us

Come and join one of our friendly teams of volunteers and help look after your local nature reserve.

What’s on


  • Dawn Chorus Walk 8th May 2016
    Set your alarm clocks and listen to the birds celebrating the season at the Clumps! Learn more about the birds found locally and how to ...
  • Local bat expert Dominic Lamb will lead walk at dusk to find out more about these fascinating winged mammals. Learn how to recognise different species ...
  • Sensory Walk 15th May 2016
    Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and immerse yourself in a hands-on nature sensory experience for adults. Use fingers, feet and other senses ...
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