Sustainability issues are very big and global, but the reality is that it is about you and I making changes to our lives - the way we behave, think and act towards the environment
Jayne Manley, Earth Trust CEO

Welcome to Earth Trust

At Earth Trust we believe that the best way to look after the places we love is to change the way we live.

We provide special, life changing experiences and reconnect people to the natural world. The Earth Trust is all about people and the way we feel, think and act towards the environment.

10k Run

Sign up for this year's 10K: a unique cross-country run on Sunday 6th September

Children's Fun Run

Free, fancy dress fun run: 10am, Sunday 6th September. Find out how to register...

Dawn Photography Expedition

Learn how to capture the early morning light on Sunday 20th September

Our Footprint Blog

Latest from the blog: a series of videos about living sustainably and eating local

What’s on


  • Children's Fun Run 6th September 2015
    A 1km (approximately) fancy dress fun run around the top of the Wittenham Clumps! Sponsorship appreciated. Open to those up to 11yrs; younger children (or ...
  • 10K Run 6th September 2015
    A cross-country run around Little Wittenham Nature Reserve, including the iconic Wittenham Clumps. Walkers also welcome. Entrants must be 14 yrs or over. Find out ...
  • Discover the autumn fruits available in the local area and some ways in which you can use them. There are loads of fantastic fruits you ...
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