Welcome from our Chief Executive

Jayne Manley

Welcome to the Earth Trust

"We are an environmental charity whose focus is on people – we offer everyone, of any age, special life-changing experiences that are fulfilling and look after our environment at the same time.   

Our aim is to show everyone that sustainable lifestyles are not only possible, but highly desirable and fun! We are rooted in the local environment and practical action but we offer opportunities to learn about the environment that can be translated into action wherever you are. Our vision, impact and perspectives are regional and national with a view to the big global environmental issues.

Since acquiring an area of woodland over 30 years ago, we have grown into a charity that explores new and innovative ways of looking after our environment. Our work is focused on managing land in a way that addresses social, economic and environmental challenges. Today, we own a flagship site in South Oxfordshire of more than 1,200 acres. The Earth Trust at Little Wittenham includes a working conservation farm, arable land and grazing pasture, and an internationally acclaimed research woodland where we study climate change and disease impacts on trees. We manage the most visited and  freely-accessible  landscape in the county (Wittenham Clumps) with  many more special places and habitats for people to discover. Our wildlife sites have over 200,000 visits each year. We run events, courses and activities where people can learn about food and farming, water and wetlands, trees and forests, and low carbon living. In the last ten years we have had some major achievements: nearly doubling in size; developing the wetlands at Thrupp Lake, Radley; holding the UK’s first Children’s Food Festival; and changing our name!

The world around us is changing hugely. This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved with the natural environment as people are far more aware of the issues than they were ten years ago. There’s good news out there as well as the bad, but one thing’s certain - the job we have to do is getting ever more challenging.

I hope you will join us, take action and make great things happen."

Jayne Manley, Chief Executive, Earth Trust