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Small Changes …BIG difference

Our Earth Trust Strategic Plan is an important document that sets out our ambitions between 2012 and 2017. 

What is the Earth Trust all about?

The world around us is changing and we are all living in tough times - tough for people as well as for our environment. 

Sustainability, and the world we leave for our grandchildren, will depend on finding a way to balance the needs of society, our natural world and our economy; whether we are looking to cover our household bills or run a business. The reality is that it is people, and the way we think, feel and act, that can make a difference. 

Our vision for the future

At the Earth Trust we believe the best way to look after the outdoor places we love is to change the way we live. 

We give people, of every age, experiences that have a profound effect on their lives and reconnect them to their environment and the natural world.

Our vision for Earth Trust during this period is to create special places that are shining examples of the world in which we want to live in the future. By providing new experiences and innovative opportunities, people will discover new ways to reduce our footprint on the Earth.

A new strategy, covering 2017-2022 will be launched shortly.


Strategic Plan 2012-2017

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