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Thrupp Lake

Thrupp Lake, Radley - A magical place all year round

Walking around the lake and hearing its birdsong always gives visitors an enormous sense of calm and well-being. During the early summer there is also the opportunity to enjoy common spotted orchids and white helleborines.

There is a circular walk around the lake, a gentle stroll of around 1.7km or 1 mile.  There is a wooden boardwalk across the North West corner that gives you the chance to walk over water.  A newly completed bird hide with a green roof that blends in to the surroundings and provides an opportunity to watch and photograph any skittish birds without disturbing them.  A wonderful addition on the North East corner is a wooden shelter shaped like a water lily in bloom, that provides warm and dry seating on windy days so that you can enjoy your view of the lake without any disturbance. 

Download our map and walking guide (pdf)

With its scenic, tranquil and wildlife rich habitats, we hope that after visiting you will fall in love with Thrupp Lake, just as many local people have done already.