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Wallingford Castle Meadows

A wildlife haven in the centre of Wallingford

As well as its fascinating history, Castle Meadows today is home to some incredibly important wildlife habitats. Deadwood piles provide habitats for a range of invertebrates, which in turn, provide food for woodpeckers and bats. Ditches across the meadows have been home to a small population of now rare water voles and are also used by visiting water shrews and kingfishers.

Download a self guided walk which will guide you around the meadows visiting the important historical and wildlife highlights. A footpath links Wallingford Castle Meadows with the Thames Path allowing walks along the river to Wallingford and Benson.

Download the Wallingford Castle Meadows self guided walk

Wallingford Castle Meadows also has several accessible walks, allowing people with disabilities to enjoy the site. The accessible walks leaflet can be used in conjunction with the information on the self-guided walk leaflet available above. The total length of the guided walk is around 1.5km or 1 mile and should take on average around 30 minutes.

Download the Wallingford Castle Meadows Accessible Walk

Finding Wallingford Castle Meadows