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Lambing weekends

Meet the first lambs of spring

The Earth Trust’s annual Lambing Weekends take place every spring here at the Earth Trust Farm, in partnership with Little Wittenham Lamb. Dates for 2015 are:

- Saturday 21st March
- Sunday 22nd March
- Saturday 28th March
- Sunday 29th March

Our Lambing Weekends give people the opportunity to see the first spring lambs and take part in a host of fun, outdoor activities. 

You'll be able to... 
  • Come and learn about sheep production with our shepherds Lauren and Dan.
  • Visit the sheep sheds to view the ewes and their newborn lambs.
  • Explore the outdoor play area, den building, spring planting and a range of craft activities.
  • Enjoy refreshments from Poem Tree cafe or a Little Wittenham Lamb burger.  

Important Health & Safety Information

We want everyone to have a fantastic day out but please remember this is a working farm. The advice given here and on site aims to ensure you have a safe visit to the Earth Trust Farm.

  • Most importantly: please remember that everyone must wash their hands after visiting the lambing sheds and bales. 
  • Footwear, pushchair and wheelchair wheels should also be washed if soiled. Hand and footwear washing facilities will be available.
  • Pregnant women and people who are immuno-compromised are advised not to visit the lambing sheds.
  • Please supervise your children at all times.

Full Health and Safety advice

Statement about the Schmallenberg Virus