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Did you know that many of the staff you meet at Lambing are volunteers?

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Lambing Weekends

Meet the first lambs of spring!

Lambs by Andy HoughLamb in the fieldLamb

The Earth Trust holds annual Lambing Weekends every spring here at the Earth Trust Farm, and this year there was even more farmyard fun to be had! 

Lambing Weekends 2016 were on 12th-13th March and 19th-20th March and over 8,000 people joined us over the four days.


Our Lambing Weekends give people the opportunity to see the first spring lambs and take part in a host of fun, outdoor activities.

  • Visiting the sheep sheds and farmyard to see the ewes and their lambs and meet shepherd Emma
  • Sandy and Black pigs and piglets (Coopers Oxford Pork)
  • Anglo Nubian goats and kids (Norton & Yarrow Cheese)
  • Candle rolling with Brightwell Bees
  • Bale climbing
  • Outdoor play area 
  • Sheep Hunt and quiz
  • Making animal magnets and farmyard masks

Pregnant women and those who are immunocompromised are advised not to enter the lambing shed; see our Health & Safety Information for further details.

Coopers Oxford Pork Norton & Yarrow Cheese     Brightwell Bees