Mini-Beast Guide

This is a simple guide to help you identify the mini-beasts you can find when exploring your garden.

This simple key should give you a clue to which of the main types of mini-beast that you have found.

Is it a spider, a beetle, a woodlouse, or is it a snail?

Earth Centipede found by Bug Man

Each of these different types of mini-beast are very different from each other. This identification key will tell you the important features to look for so that you can decide which type of mini-beast you have. 

It is not intended to give the precise species that you have found. This would impossible since there are over 30,000 different species of mini-beast in Britain. 


Start here and follow the links to find out what you've discovered! 

Legs or No Legs?

How many pairs of legs, if any, are there?

Read the five options carefully and decided which one best fits your mini-beast:

     1) 3 pairs of legs - click here to go to Insects (bees, beetles, flies etc)

     2) 4 pairs of legs - click here to go to Arachnids (spiders, mites etc)

     3) 6,7 or 8 pairs of legs - click here to go to Crustaceans (woodlice etc)

     4) At least 15 pairs of legs - click here to go to Myriapods (centipedes, millipedes)

     5) No legs - click here to go to Molluscs/Annelids (slugs, snails, worms)