Sponsor a tree or hedgerow

Sunrise tree by Andy Hough

At the Earth Trust, we’re working hard to look after our trees and woodlands, for us and for future generations. You can help us achieve this by sponsoring a tree this Christmas...

From the thousands of trees in our research woodland to the miles and miles of hedgerows on the Earth Trust Farm, we're managing and improving these important, and beautiful, habitats. 

Paradise Wood is our national research woodland and with over 60,000 trees is the largest collection of hardwood timber trials in the country. It continues to be an incredibly important resources, especially when it comes to tackling the spread of diseases like ash dieback.

Neptune Wood was planted in 2005 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Local school children, community groups and volunters planted 10,000 oak trees and array of willow sculptures. It is a popular community woodland near Long Wittenham. 

Little Wittenham Wood, located just at the foot of the Clumps, is a beautiful area of woodland which is afforded European protection. The mature trees are very important, as they provide a home for a range of insects, animals and plants.

All of these trees, along with those in our arboretum and on our community reserves, make up vital wooded areas that support several declining bird species and other vulnerable wildlife.

By sponsoring a tree with Earth Trust you will be helping us:

  • Maintain native tree species in our woodlands and on our community reserves
  • Protect and improve hedgerows to benefit birds, bees and butterflies
  • Carry out important research across the UK into the resistance of trees to disease

Sponsor a Tree

We have a number of sponsorship options available:

Sponsor a tree                  
Sponsor a thicket              
Sponsor a grove of trees  
Sponsor a quarter mile of hedgerow     


You or your chosen recipient will receive a sponsor pack including:

  • A personalised sponsorship certificate  
  • A factsheet about trees or hedgerows
  • Regular emails from the Earth Trust
  • General information about the Trust

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