Sponsor a nest box

Blue tit

At the Earth Trust, we’re working hard to look after the bird and bat species that have made their home on our sites, with the aim of boosting local population levels in South Oxfordshire.

Little Wittenham Wood is home to many of our nest boxes, and with its diverse range of vegetation and invertebrate species, it’s the perfect habitat for many bird and bat species. Nesting boxes provide bat and bird species with a safe place up in the trees to nest and breed, away from the threat of forest predators below.

Our nesting boxes are a mixture of wooden and woodcrete, some of which have been created by our fantastic volunteers. Your sponsorship of one of these existing boxes will help support the maintenance and upkeep of the box, and to ensure it’s kept in perfect condition for birds or bats to use.

In recent years, we have seen our bird boxes being used by a variety of small woodland species, including blue tits and nuthatches, and with your support we’ll encourage these birds to continue using Little Wittenham Wood as their home.

By sponsoring a nesting box with the Earth Trust this Christmas you will be helping us:

  • Protect endangered bat and bird species
  • Encourage a more diverse range of birds and bats to make South Oxfordshire their home, and to increase the populations of species we already have
  • Maintain the sensitive habitats within Little Wittenham Wood
  • Look after and maintain the bird and bat boxes in Little Wittenham Wood
  • Continue to provide environmental learning opportunities, to both school children and local communities

Sponsor a nest box for £45

Pipistrelle bat

You or your chosen recipient will receive a sponsor pack including:

  • A personalised sponsorship certificate
  • A factsheet about either bats or birds
  • Regular emails from the Earth Trust
  • General information about the Trust
  • The opportunity to take part in a guided walk around one of our reserves

To buy this amazing gift: