Higher Education Group Visits

Group Visits and Facilities Hire

Students at the River of Life

The Earth Trust is a prime location for higher education field visits. Sessions are bespoke to University/College course requirements and group size.

However, we are currently at capacity and, unfortunately, cannot accept any new bookings. Please check back in the future to see if space has opened up.

What we can offer

The Earth Trust land holding is a 500ha footprint in Little Wittenham, plus Thrupp Lake and the four community meadows we manage; these host a vast array of habitat types, archaeological features, and research programmes.

Flexible session options include:

  • An introduction to the Earth Trust and strategic work objectives.
  • On site practical led research training sessions:
    i) Students are set with an applied land management issue and working in groups they need to develop the key research questions/hypotheses and the framework of a methodology approach.
    ii) Students are guided to undertake on site surveying e.g. water quality surveying at the River of Life, tree parametrics at Paradise Wood, hedgerow surveying, species surveying, habitat surveying and more.
  • Tours of specific projects/research or land management areas e.g. the River of Life (wetland development) or Paradise Wood (our national research woodland).
  • Bespoke sessions developed in collaboration with the course director.
  • Pure hire of the facilities to run self-led student training sessions.

The Earth Trust centre offers a wealth of facilities to support your trip:

  • Tutorial rooms
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Large scale lecture space
  • Camping facilities – including outside showers and toilets
  • Laptop(s)
  • Projector and screen

Also available:

  • Sustainable locally sourced lunch
  • Tea and coffee provision

Groups hosted in 2015-2016:
  • Oxford Brookes University, BSc Geography
  • Oxford Brookes University, MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
  • Royal Holloway University, MSc Environmental Diagnosis and Management
  • University of Oxford, CONTED, Undergraduate certificate in Archaeology
  • University of Oxford, CONTED, MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology
  • University of Reading, Human Geography 
  • University of Reading, Physical Geography
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We are currently at capacity and, unfortunately, cannot accept any new bookings. Please check back in the future to see if space has opened up.

Testimonial: Dr Geoffrey Griffiths, University of Reading

"The University of Reading Department of Geography & Environmental Science are frequent users of the Earth Trust site. The combination of open access across 500 ha of lowland agricultural landscape with a river frontage along the Thames combined with an excellent teaching and learning environment, makes it an ideal location for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  In the last 3 – 4 years we have brought large groups of Year 1 students to collect data in the internationally recognised broadleaf woodland trial plots and smaller groups of Year 2 students to collect data for projects ranging from the impact of the River of Life project to landscapes and biodiversity.  At least three Final Year students have undertaken dissertations using Earth Trust land as a study area and we hope this number will increase in the future.

A major benefit, apart from open access to a large landholding being managed for people and sustainable farming, is the positive and helpful attitude of Earth Trust staff, at all levels. This makes the logistics of a visit, often with a large group of students, much easier. Teaching and research staff often give introductory talks about the work of the Earth Trust and its future, providing invaluable background for students and ideas for new projects. This is followed up with site visits with lots of opportunity to collect field data and field observations.

University of Reading

A great place for students!"