Job Centre Placements

Placements with the Earth Trust

The Earth Trust works in partnership with local jobcentres to support further upskilling of currently unemployed individuals, where the skills needs match the Trust’s core work. This voluntary experience boosts individual's confidence and opportunities to secure future employment. 

If you are registered unemployed, please speak to your work coach regarding exploring current available opportunities for a voluntary work placement at the Earth Trust. 

The jobcentre fully supports the travel expenses to one work placement, for up to 8 weeks.

There are Jobcentre Plus offices in Abingdon and Didcot: contact a local jobcentre

Our most recent jobcentre placement Tom Knight shares his work experience journey at the Earth Trust:

"I started volunteering on the Earth Trust's Living History project in January 2016. During my time here I have assisted in developing the Earth Trust's Wikimapia webpage, populating it with the positions of archaeological finds from the Clumps and making the whole site's history more accessible to the public. In addition, I also assisted with the digitization and archiving of the some fo the Trust's archaeological records. Perhaps more exciting was that I was given the opportunity to use the Earth Trust’s magnetometers, and, after restoring them to working order, I have been working with them on site. I have gained valuable experience that I hope will help me obtain a career in archaeology. 

Whilst working at the Earth Trust, I was able to focus on tasks that I felt were beneficial to me personally and was given the independence to achieve these goals without the need for constant supervision. Though when assistance was required, I was given more than enough help. For example, Kerry contacted a local expert on magnetometers and with his guidance I successfully restored them to working order and, together, we used them to collect data. 

The Earth Trust has been a welcoming and friendly place, and I continue to enjoy volunteering there whenever I can."

Tom with the magnetometer