Food and Farming

Enjoying the land and the riches that it provides

Earth Trust encourages and supports the production, distribution and eating of good quality, local, healthy food. Land management, skills and the means needed to produce and distribute food locally, minimising transport and waste are all important ingredients. 

A real working farm

We have 500 hectares of mixed land use, demonstrating the links between environment, wildlife, landscape and growing food. Find out more about the Earth Trust Farm.

Farm Step

An innovative Earth Trust project, providing land at Little Wittenham for new farming businesses. The scheme provides opportunities for networking amongst businesses and the community, sharing opportunities and experiences. Find out more about Farm Step.

Food Project

We want to create a real buzz about local food and are working on an exciting new project. If you would like to be involved or find out more please register your interest.

Community Step

An extension of Farm Step, we would like to offer organisations, businesses and community groups in South Oxfordshire the opportunity to learn and get involved in producing local food. If you're interested please tell us how we can help your group: Complete the survey...

Bushey Bank

Bushey Bank is an area of chalk grassland on the Earth Trust Farm that benefitted from the UK's first formal Biodiversity Offsetting agreement. Find out more about this pioneering project.