The Earth Trust Farm

The Earth Trust owns and manages approximately 500ha of land in Little Wittenham. This is made up of: 

  • 200ha of arable land
  • 152ha of grassland
  • 128ha of woodland 
The remaining 10ha comprises ponds, scrub, buildings and trackways. The map below shows the different areas of land use.

Earth Trust land use

Arable farming

The arable rotation comprises winter sown wheat, beans and oil seed rape. We sow 24 fields and rotate the crops annually; crops are sold to generate funds for the Earth Trust and farm. We also grow miscanthus which we use as fuel for our Big Bale Boiler which heats the office and other buildings.


The grassland areas are managed by hay cutting and grazing by Little Wittenham Lamb and a herd of Hereford cattle owned by local farmer Andrew Townsend. This grazing management is essential to maintain and increase the species diversity of our wildflower meadows which make up approximately 65ha of the total grassland area.

Conservation farming

All of the Earth Trust's arable and grassland areas are part of a Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement with Natural England. We receive funding to manage particular environmental features to support nature and wildlife, for example: sky lark plots, beetle banks, rare arable weed margins and species diverse grassland.