Stepping into our Natural Heritage

Stepping into our Natural Heritage was a project that promoted the development of heritage skills to volunteers, running from March 2014 to January 2016. This project was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the National Lottery.

What Are Heritage Skills?

Heritage skills are traditional and historic skills, many of which are now seen as dying arts. Examples include:

  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Apple pressing
  • Vegetable growing
  • Jam making
  • Wild food foraging    
  • Cider making
  • Cheese making
Survival Skills                
  • Fire-building
  • Shelter construction
Land Management        

Making hurdles from coppiced hazel

Why learn them?

Developing heritage skills can enable you to:

  • Bring local history alive
  • Connect activities to the natural landscape
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Create beautiful  and/or functional objects
  • Gain the satisfaction of learning new skills
  • Create delicious food and drink


Apple pressing

How to get involved

There are opportunities to develop your heritage skills through volunteering with us.  This may include hedgelaying and coppicing during our regular work parties or giving demonstrations and workshops during our festivals and other events.

Further information

If you would like more information of you have any questions, please email volunteering  or phone 01865 407792