Poem Tree Tribute

After 300 years atop Castle Hill at the Wittenham Clumps, the famous Poem Tree fell in recent years. This page is a tribute to the tree that meant so much to so many people, contributions will be used to create a permanent on-site display about the Poem Tree. If you'd like to send in a tribute to the Poem Tree such as a memory, poem or photo, or have any questions, please email: web@earthtrust.org.uk.


The Poem Tree by Susan Small

The poem tree stood three hundred years
Heard all our laughter shared all our tears
Stood strong and proud that handsome tree
Withstood the storms with dignity
On castle hill he stood with pride
Where we would leave our gifts inside

Now that he has stood the test
Nature has laid him down to rest
Now the creatures of the earth
Will do their courting and give birth
In this place for all we know
Maybe another tree will grow


  1. poem-tree
  2. Poem Tree base (Sue Small)
  3. Poem Tree text 2 (Sue Small)
  4. Poem Tree text 1 (Sue Small)
  5. Fallen Poem Tree 2 (Sue Small)
  6. Fallen Poem Tree 1 (Sue Small)
  7. Magical Poem Tree (Sue Small)
  8. Top of the Poem Tree (Sue Small)
  9. Offerings at the Poem Tree (Sue Small)
  10. Poem Tree
  11. The Poem Tree placque